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    Tributes to Your Mothers

Read people's tributes about/to their mothers.

Mother - 2000Roger J. Robicheau NEW 9/21/2007

1. My mum is the best! she always takes me to my horse competitions and my brother to his soccergame every weekend. she also manages to get in cooking and all of those mothering things. I LOVE HER!!!!! - by kate to her mom.

2. My mother is absolutely brilliant but everyone must say that about their mums. My mum has always been there for me exspecially when I went through difficulties at 13. I had M.E. An illness not easily diagnosed but mum was always there even when no one else would listen, getting me the help I needed and forcing the docters to hear. She helped through that time encouraging me when I was low and organising things to do when I was feeling better. Not once did my mum believe I was making my illness up she was always there just as she is there today.
So this is to say Thankyou mum,you are the best. - by Maria Ashby

3. I have a mother who knows what i m going to say ,who knows what i have inside me ,who knows me better than me .My mother is my mother,my father,my sister, my brother and my friend as whenever i need a shoulder to lean i always find my mother with me as a friend ,when i need a advise she is always there as a mother,whenever i need a help in anything she is always there as a father,whenever i want to play she is always there as brother and sister.she is always ready to listen does not matter what is the condition,she is always free for me ,she is my whole world. - Choutooo

by Cami

Wish You Were Here Mom

4. How blessed am I to have been born to such a wonderful Mother. Everything I am, I owe to her. Her strength and wisdom guides me, her zest for life inspires me, her kindness and grace warms me. I have never met another person like her, and know in my heart that I never will - she's one of a kind. I can only wish to have the light that she gives, for she touches all around her with a kindred grace. Im proud to be her daughter and could not have asked for more in a Mother. Thank you for everything Mommy, I love you and Daddy dearly. - Dawne.

5. smile mommy I want to give tribute to my mother Peggy Alston. she was and incredible woman. I miss her bright smile that lit up my everyday. I will never have the chance again to thank her for all the small stuff that she did for me. Now she is with the father of all being. My mother gave us the world. she had a heart of gold. Now she is the wind beneath my wing, the sun shine on my face R.I.P mommy I LOVe YOU. - Bliss WheelerWHATS GOOD WELL THIS IS JUST MY SIGNATURE SO HOLLA BACk kISSES XOXOX

NEW for 2004

6. In Memory of Jean Bedford So many years went by and I never said thank you and seldom did I say I love you mom. Today, I do yet its just alittle late. God took you from those who love you most. He took you to his kingdom where you are with your parents. I'm sure you're happy and free of the pain you suffered. Although my heart aches for you to be here with me daily, I find peace in knowing you can be wherever you are needed now. Watch over us always and forever you will stay in our hearts. The many nurses and doctors that tried so hard to save you, be with them. Show them their greatest inner abilities. I too need you mom. Maybe a sign or maybe some help healing my wound, something to show you are here with me. You, mom are so very loved and deeply missed by us all. But know in our hearts you live! forever. I love you mom. - Denise

7. My Mom Every child thinks her mom is the best. Well I am living proof that mine is. My mom has raised me as a single parent more often than not sacrificing everything so that I would fit in with the other kids. My mom has been my biggest cheerleader through life and my best friend as an adult. We have laughed together. Welcomed life together and watched it slip away together. And now as I face the most difficult part of my life. The awful Cancer. She is once again where she has always been. My biggest cheerleader. By my side and in my corner. I love you mom. You truly are the best..and I am the luckiest daughter to have you. You are valued above all else in this world more precious than gold. - Kristy H.

8. To you who gave me the best present ever , the gift of life, I will never forget all of the unconditional LOVE you have given me , all the good times you and I shared .The times that you were my shield, my comfort and my friend.You already know that I LOVE YOU with all of my heart, it was when I had to live my life and be a man that we missed each other the most. Thank you for always giving me big hugs and lots of kisses. I will never forget you, because the day you left me, you took a big piece of my heart with you. Until we see each other again, I will keep the memories, all the kisses, and all of the warm hugs in my heart for ever. Love you always and forever, your baby nani. - Fernando Rosa Jr.

9. My wonderful mother I miss you so much thanks for everything you were the best. I wish you could still be with me I still need you bad I can't wait to be with you again. Cancer won and took over your body after staying strong for nine years. How I would always pray for a miracle buy never happened. My bestfriend my mother my angel I love you very much thanks for the wonderful memories. - Nydia Infante

by Missy Peterman

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