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    Tributes to Your Mothers

Tribute to My Mom

Mom I just want to say thanks to you and tell you how special you really are to me! You have been there for me through the good times as well as the bad and the rough ones! you were there when I took my first steps (even though it surprised you because u and daddy were sitting there and I just up and started walking) you were there for me through all my baseball games and all my girl scout events! You were there when I started my first year of cosmetology and when I got in that car accident! I saw the fear in your eyes that night! When none of us really knew what was going on! and out of all the fear and pain I felt that night the most important thing I remember was laying in the ambulance with blood covering parts of me and pain overcoming me with me being strapped to that bored so I couldnít move at all was me looking up at them crying saying "I'm not going to die am I? I canít leave my mommy yet!" you have been there with me through rehab and doctors appointments! I make myself seem like the strong one but inside Iím weaker then a potato chip! I'm just glad to know I have a mom like you to help me through the good and bad times! If it weren't for you I don't know where I would be I could be like the kids around here whose parents don't care as long as they get to feed their addictions for the night! I know we have fought a lot sometimes but we have those times where we get along just great! And even though I might be mad at you or even say I hate you I really donít! Youíre my mom, my best friend, and one of the greatest features I have in life! Mom I love you!

By Missy Peterman

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