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Poems and Lyrics

Solomon, King of Israel c.973-c.933 BC

    Two women living alone in the same house had baies within three days of each other. One baby died, and its mother stole the other while the mother slept, substituting the corpse of her own baby. Although the other woman noticed the deception, the first woman refused to relinquish the baby. So they came before King Solomon, each claiming that the living was hers.

    The king commanded his officers to bring the sword and when it was brought ordered that the baby he cut in two; one half would be given to one woman and the other half to the other. The rightful mother, stirred with love and pity for her child said, "O my lord, give her he living child,and in no wise slay it." But the other woman said, "Let it be neither mine or thine, but divide it." The King, perceiving that the compassion of the first woman had identified her as the true mother, ordered that the baby be given to her.

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