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Mother Goes Visiting

    It makes me feel very odd
    To write you this letter tonight,
    When it seems, or it seems pretty nearly,
    That you're somewhere around, out of sight.

    I can hardly believe you're not sitting
    Upstairs (though I know you are not),
    Just doing your mending or knitting...
    I miss you a lot!

    I wish I had smoe more new to tell you.
    I'm not doing much that is sport.
    I'm getting my lessons so well, you
    Will smile when you see my report.

    I've had a bad cols but I'm better;
    I wasn't to tell, I forgot.
    Please write me a very long letter.
    I miss you a lot!

    The kisses will count up to thirty
    If you consider a kiss for each blot.
    Heaps of love, from your little bertie.
    P.S. I miss you a lot!

    - Author Unknown

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